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Irvau(Posted 2014) [#1]
My overall goal is to make a "live-action" multiplayer game that can be played in-browser. It *could* be compared to an MMPORG, but it's not really that. I plan to release the server software as a download for desktops, so people can make and customize their own servers. The game itself will be a 2d top-down shooter, where players from on team of 4-10 people will destroy those from another. A simple points system will determine the wining team.
Obviously, this game has to have a good connection-type thingy because it'll have to keep track of players, objects, and missiles.
The reason why I'd REALLY like to be playable within a web browser is because I'd love to publish it in the Google Chrome Web Store.
The problem in making this is that I am having a hard time finding an API/class that will help me do this. Maybe I'm not understanding any of it correctly, but the socket API that I find doesn't have support for html5/flash.
So, help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!