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kmac(Posted 2014) [#1]
First, I apologize, this will be an ill posed question. I am willing to pay for a solution, beyond the specifics of the initial query. That said, my dilemma was raised on Stackoverflow with respect to Flex while I'm obviously in need of a Monkey solution.

There is more to my problem but first I like to test whether a basic solution works. Essentially, I will need to send a set of strings to be saved on the server.

I was provided the following usage example from another flex application. However, still rather clueless about web related communication and would ultimately have to adapt to the final solution. It's just a matter of sending those strings.

//data is called back using httppost in the mxml

<mx:HTTPService id="EndpointService" url="{endPointUrl}" 
	method="POST" resultFormat="text"
    	result="resultHandler(event)" fault="faultHandler(event)"></mx:HTTPService>

//called in the action script as 

function CallBack(score1:String, score2:String, score3:String):void

			//callback code here
			// Params object
			var params:Object = {};
			params["score1"] 	= score1;
			params["score2"] = score2;
			params["score3"] 	= score3;
                        //callback to container for stand alone platforms
			fscommand("","score1=" + score1 + " score2=" + score2 + " score3=" + score3);
			// Send params to end point for remote server/ browser deployment

//with results and faults used to control navigation or repeat callback

function resultHandler(e:Event):void
//if result is confirmed navigate to the next page
//navigateToURL(new URLRequest(_finalButtonUrl), '_parent');
theStack.selectedIndex=3; // change the stack order

function faultHandler(e:Event):void
//if data bounces repeat the callback
CallBack("0", "null", OutputString);

kmac(Posted 2014) [#2]
Forgive the the bump.

Again, if someone is knowledgeable about these matters, I will pay for a solution.