Is Monkey-X a good choice for a beginner?

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mejon(Posted 2015) [#1]

I'm new to app development, and I was wondering if Monkey- X is a good choice for someone with no experience in app development? Also, how long would it take someone to learn Monkey - X?

therevills(Posted 2015) [#2]
The language is good for beginners, but the SDKs can be a pain to install from scratch.

What are you after creating?

mejon(Posted 2015) [#3]
For now, just very simple game like Hangman for example.

therevills(Posted 2015) [#4]
Double post...

therevills(Posted 2015) [#5]
Okay, I've just knocked together a quick Hangman game to give you an example of what is needed (of course this could be coded in several different ways):

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2015) [#6]
Monkey is pretty easy to learn IMO, and it is like most Basics in that it comes with easy to use functions for getting graphics on the screen etc. So I would say it is quite good for beginners. And there is the advantage of multiple targets (though as therevills says, you have to install some extra stuff before they work).