Anyone know of a good Monkeydoc viewer?

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RedGTurtlepa(Posted 2016) [#1]
so I just discovered the Monkey documents which cover the whole language (stupid me)


the language reference seems to be all I will ever need I cant believe I couldnt find it before, from now on I will know what a "Programming Language reference" shows me and look for it in other languages.

So I saw the install folder for Monkey has this for online but its all in .monkeydoc format? I think TED IDE opens this, but does anyone know of something else that could open it? Unless TED IDE is recommend as the easiest thing to use.

ImmutableOctet(SKNG)(Posted 2016) [#2]
The documentation files are meant to be built using the "makedocs" tool for your platform. They're converted from the 'monkeydoc' format into HTML, so they can be viewed in any web browser, or in an IDE. Ted (The default IDE) has "Rebuild Help" under "Help" on the top menu bar. That will execute the appropriate documentation builder for you. Alternatively, you can do this from the command-line. There's support for rebuilding the docs with other IDEs as well, but it varies between editors.

Along with the default docs, you can also make a "monkeydoc" sub-folder for any modules you develop, and their files will be built alongside the default ones. For example, my 'regal.networking' module uses this.