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MonkeyPlotter(Posted 2016) [#1]
I'm using the following code to dynamically grow a string dependent on the amount of items in a separate list:

red_foot_x_list = red_foot_x_list.Resize(red_foot_x_list.Length() +1)

What is the syntax to reduce it to 0? Going to try the following:

red_foot_x_list = red_foot_x_list.Resize(red_foot_x_list.Length() - red_foot_x_list.Length() )

dawlane(Posted 2016) [#2]
I take it that you are using an Array and not a real List data type?
To clear an array completely to zero elements use.
red_foot_x_list =[]
Edit: Trying to use sub traction that gives a value of 0 and then trying to use that value to resize an array will not resize the array. Your basically doing
a=a+0 or a=a-0
a still is 5

Global myArray:Int[]

Function Main:Int()
	' Fill the array with 10 random ints
	Local s:String
	For Local i:Int=0 To myArray.Length()-1
		s+=myArray[i]+" "
	Print "Current Array Length is "+myArray.Length()
	Print s
	' Halve the array
	Local current:Int=myArray.Length()
	myArray=myArray.Resize(myArray.Length()/2)  ' Take care when using divisions
	For Local i:Int=0 To myArray.Length()-1
		s+=myArray[i]+" "
	Print "Halved the array from "+current+" to "+myArray.Length()
	Print s
	' Clear the array
	For Local i:Int=0 To myArray.Length()-1
		s+=myArray[i]+" "
	Print "Clear the array. Which should be zero length >  "+myArray.Length()
	Print s
	Return 0
End Function

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2016) [#3]
[Deleted duplicate post]

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2016) [#4]
if you want an array-like structure that you can grow at will, use a Stack. Resizing an array for every element you add is horribly inefficient in terms of time and memory fragmentation. A Stack contains an array that resizes automatically in a smarter fashion.

[And if you want to handle it yourself, look at the code for Stack; it's written in plain Monkey.]