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nachiketaom(Posted 2016) [#1]
I am using the mojo (1) module.

Would want to know how you can use fonts to draw text into your game screen, like for scores etc. I know there is DrawText but there is not a lot I could understand about how to get Fonts.

Also, in the SetFont reference, there is an undernote that reads:

Note: The font functionality in mojo is very limited and intended mainly for debugging purposes

This scares me. How can I go without fonts?

Please throw some light on this.

nachiketaom(Posted 2016) [#2]
Well, after browsing around a bit, I found that there are Bitmap Font Generators available online. Do I have to use them?

And even if I use them, I just get a strip of letters and numbers. How do I import them using MOJO (1)? Please elaborate...

skid(Posted 2016) [#3]
You could try studying the example here: bananas->beaker->angelfont_example.

nachiketaom(Posted 2016) [#4]
Thanks Skid!
i will look into it.

nachiketaom(Posted 2016) [#5]
Can I use the "angelfont.monkey" module as it is with any downloaded font (.png + .fnt)? I mean is that the official way for drawing text?

skid(Posted 2016) [#6]
There is no official way, angelfont is a common solution for those happy to use bitmap fonts.

There is also a ttf engine written in monkeyx which google will find if you search monkeyx ttf.