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jensknaack(Posted February) [#1]

if I start Monkey X Studio it is telling me "Welcom to Monkey X Studio 15.07.07-A".

And says I should update to 16.06.22-A - but that is not possible?

I would be happy to get help.

dawlane(Posted February) [#2]
That would be Jungle IDE that is bundled as part of the MonkeyX Studio that needs updating, not MonkeyX.
MonkeyX is separate program that can be updated as a separate part. You have to register the product to get updates. I'm not sure if you can register MonkeyX Studio here via the products drop down menu, you can access that via your user name in the top right. Or if you have to register MonkeyX here and the Jungle IDE over at
When you purchased MonkeyX Studio, you should have received some product keys that you have to register to gain access to updates.

You should find your answer at