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popcade(Posted February) [#1]
I've been using Monkey X Free for a while, bought Pro today for trying export the code to Android, there're mojo2 in the package and some new target, which is a little confusing...

1.The Pro version doesn't come with MinGW included, I copied the MinGW from Free version and modified the ini to use, it seems to work, didn't install Visual Studio 2013 for a while (a reinstallation of Windows is pending and I'm lazy...).

2. The glfw3_angle taget seems only support mojo2 or I have to use mojoinmojo2 to work with it, is that normal? Is there a guide to convert existing game to mojo2 properly?

Thanks in advance, maybe it tooks some time to get used.

Pakz(Posted February) [#2]
I have not done android development yet.

I always follow the instructions from the help docs to install the MonkeyX pro version targets.

I just tested to see if mojo 1 works with glfw + angle and things do not seem to compile. I did not know this yet. No idea what this is about,

Gerry Quinn(Posted February) [#3]
I installed a recent version on a new machine a few months ago, and it went fine. But I used MSVC Community Edition for desktop.

I've not used mojo2. Android is just the same as it was before for me - just follow the docs. I don't recall any major 'gotchas'.

Xaron(Posted February) [#4]
Mojo was the original 2d framework the days back. Then came Mojo2 which was introduced with Monkey 2. You can use any of those frameworks but mojo2 is limited to targets which use OpenGL which excludes Windows Phone for instance. Beside that you can do fancy stuff with mojo2 in terms of lighting for example.

I never used the glfw3_angle target and still don't know what it's for. :D I only use Android, iOS, GLFW3 and HTML5.

dawlane(Posted February) [#5]
@popcade: Now that you have moved over to the pro version you will find setting up not so easy as you have to manually set up the additional Software Development Kits. And as you are dealing with third part tools, you will have to learn many of the quirks to get them to work successfully. Others have created tools to try to make life easier in this regard, but they are seldom kept up to date.

I never used the glfw3_angle target and still don't know what it's for. :D
It's for people who cannot be bothered to convert their OpenGL frame works to native DirectX. :D

Boulderdash(Posted March) [#6]
I purchased Monkey X over a year ago , I have a a Macbook and a Windows Laptop , I still cant figure out how to get all the targets working !!!

I have spent day after day trying to figure it out but I just cant get every target working on both laptops ?

Also not happy with bloaty windows builds and no ability to make a standalone exe means I cant use it except for mobile targets so I would prefer blitz max for desktop computer builds.

Soap(Posted March) [#7]
Which targets on Win/Mac can you not get to work? Most of the issues are related to having the wrong path file setup, or the wrong version of target dependencies.

There are ways to bundle all of the data files into a single exe. Or use an installer. We use for Windows and for Mac. Reason for DMG with Mac is to make it easier for users to install games into their applications folder / include install readme/license stuff.