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Jello Fox(Posted February) [#1]
So I've figured out more or less how to program my games in monkey X.. Except 'm hitting a wall at the display elements..

Say I need to make the display be 400 by 240 or any scaling of that in game.. and lets say I'm making this in a html5 environment..

How do I do this?

Goodlookinguy(Posted February) [#2]
Not entirely sure what you mean, but I believe you're looking to make the game at a single resolution and scale based on that...

mojo: http://www.monkey-x.com/Community/posts.php?topic=1500&page=1
mojo2: Use Canvas.SetViewport (I think, I haven't used mojo2 in a couple of months)

Jello Fox(Posted March) [#3]
I figured out what I had to do.. I noticed a note I'd ignored and opened up the html file. with a small scroll down I was able to alter the size of the game window in the html file..

This solved my issue because I then just scaled up the game to where I wanted with the Scale 2,2 code..