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Amon(Posted 2008) [#1]
Here's a mesh I started in Silo 2.0. It's taken me about 2 hours to get this far. There's lots to do on the mesh especially the arms and torso, neck area etc

I'm looking for tips and some help in how to finish it.


clownhunter(Posted 2008) [#2]
The feet seem to get really wide at the bottom.

Amon(Posted 2008) [#3]
Yeah I know about that. I'll fix that. I usually leave the feet and hands till last and just concentrate on the main torso, legs and arms.

GfK(Posted 2008) [#4]
I'm no expert but I think the general shape looks reasonable. I do think you're going to have problems with intersecting polys if you plan to animate it though, especially around the shoulders, elbows and knees.

Amon(Posted 2008) [#5]
Yep, I hadn't even thought about how it will shape when animated. There's so much involved in making a proper animatable human mesh.

I'll keep practicing though. :)

Ked(Posted 2008) [#6]
Looks good!

Blitz3dCoder(Posted 2008) [#7]
Does anybody know where i can get a tut that shows how to make an animated human character in blender 3d?

YellBellzDotCom(Posted 2008) [#8]
I like the overall look of it, fix the feet and its a dandy!

Amon(Posted 2008) [#9]
Here are some new screenies. I've got to add some detail to the head, remodel parts of the shoulders and remodel the hands.

Is there an app that can count how many polys the model is constructed of?


Reactor(Posted 2008) [#10]
Is there an app that can count how many polys the model is constructed of?

The one you're working in, I believe.

Amon(Posted 2008) [#11]
Yep Just spotted it. The current mesh as it is is 614 polys/faces.

Reactor(Posted 2008) [#12]
A small thing... when you create a humanoid model for animation, you should create it in a T pose.

JA2(Posted 2008) [#13]
This is something I'm working on at the moment ;)

you should create it in a T pose

Yep, you're quite right. You'll find it much easier to create the arms if they are straight.

Amon(Posted 2008) [#14]
That's a nice model JA2. Looking good.

I'll keep it in mind that next time I start a humanoid model to begin as stated (in a T-Pose).

Incase anyone wants the mesh I've uploaded it to my server.

You can get it here:

I've saved it as .3ds, .obj, and have provided the original .sia silo 2.0 file for anyone that wants to edit it. Please though if you improve the mesh or make it game ready (something which I'm working on) then please share the mesh with everyone else.

Reactor(Posted 2008) [#15]
That, and most 3D packages capable of animation have humanoid bones templates which are set to a T-pose by default.

JA2(Posted 2008) [#16]
Here's a couple of tutorials you might like to look at for modeling the face/head. I quite liked the second one, I followed it from beginning to end a couple of years ago. It's based on 3DS Max but it should be easy enough to follow.

I usually create models starting with a low poly cylinder. It's easier to shape than a box. Everything in that model above started of as a cylinder :) As you can see, most of the detail is in the head. I even modeled the mouth, teeth, and tongue including tongue piercing ;)

Characters are by far the hardest thing to model IMO.

Sanctus(Posted 2008) [#17]
Check some pages about edge looping...

JA2(Posted 2008) [#18]
Check some pages about edge looping...

Edge looping is covered in both the tutorials I linked to...

Pete Carter(Posted 2008) [#19]
its shoulders that all ways give me troube when animating its the ball joint movment, id love a tutorial on modeling shoulders for clean animation.

sorry your models coming along nicely.