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christian223(Posted 2008) [#1]
Any one created or saw a mod or something that creates and animates a 2d face?, i need one of those for indlucing that on my games.

If nobody created it, i plan to do it myself, i have thought on a basic bone structure that can be manually changed, after one edits the bone structure the muscles are automatically placed and resized, then on top there wold be placed some sprites for the eyes, mouth, etc, and with that there would be different animated facial expressions for each character, meaning that each character would have different muscles moving when they smile. So, what you would need to do to create a face would be to first paint it with a painting or drawing program such as photoshop, paint the different parts of the face, such as hair, nose, etc, separately, then edit the code for the bone structure, edit the amount of movement for each facial expressions, ex what muscles and how much they move when its sad, happy, angry, etc, and then call for each expression when needed, and it will animate in real time.

This is what i want to achieve: infinite characters each with their own face characteristics and expresions, created at runtime, and enough control to give each face its own style, thats why i want to be able to paint the eyes and nose and hair so that i can choose the look and feel of each, for example i can choose a realistic style or a cartoon style, or anime, etc.

My bigest problem right now is that i have no idea on how to distort the pixels of an image, so that for example, i want to be able to create just one image for the mouth and let the programm animate the mouth in real time, i have no clue how to do that.

If you can think of another better way to do it please share it, of course it would be much better if someone allready did this kind of thing :)

Thanks a lot.

Scaremonger(Posted 2008) [#2]
I'm looking for a 2d face generator too, although mine will not need to be quite as complex as yours I do need to generate a lot of faces from it.

As I couldn't find a face generator example anywhere, I drew some faces shapes, eyes, hairstyles, mouths, eyebrows, facial hair (male) etc, and then used a photofit type layering to put them together.

Several of each image gives me thousands of variations, and although it will do at the moment, I'll find an artist later to improve the quality of the images.

christian223(Posted 2008) [#3]
Great, basically what i want is just the same thing but with animation capabilities. Whats a "photofit type layering"?.