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Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#1]
Hi Brucey

Would it be possible to add the CEGUI system function TCESystem::notifyDisplaySizeChanged ?

I would like to get rid of a bug where every display size using scrollbar (pane, tab, etc.) won't show up correctly after layouts loading.


Brucey(Posted 2010) [#2]
How do you find these? :-p

Other than working my way from start to finish of the whole API each time...

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#3]
I don't know...
It will be tough indeed.
Here I simply spot bug and follow instructions to resolve it and "oh" Blide don't show the function I need !?
Let's inform Brucey about that.

Well tonight I have some free time. I will try to find most of them if you really want to ?
Well I forgot you change some of the function with get or set...
I suppose it is more easier to check each area for the missing function when you find one ^^

Brucey(Posted 2010) [#4]
Added the missing method, and update to latest from SVN.

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#5]
Thanks a lot as always for this update!
Hope I will "not" find too many of them :)

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#6]
I don't know why but
	TCESystem.notifyDisplaySizeChanged(GraphicsWidth(), GraphicsHeight())

Compile Error: Identifier 'notifyDisplaySizeChanged' not found

I double check but everything seems to be there in order to use this function. I also twice build CEGUI and update my svn of course.

Hoo and without using this function it I get a nice ACCESS_ERROR_VIOLATION
here in TCEWindowManager :
	Function loadWindowLayout:TCEWindow(filename:String, namePrefix:String = "", resourceGroup:String = "")
		Return TCEWindow(bmx_cegui_windowmanager_loadWindowLayout(windowManagerPtr, _convertMaxToUTF8(filename), ..
			_convertMaxToUTF8(namePrefix), _convertMaxToUTF8(resourceGroup)))
	End Function

Nothing works any more :D

... I don't get why so much breaking for nearly nothing ^^

ziggy(Posted 2010) [#7]
Did you recompiled CeGUI after latest Brucey update?

Brucey(Posted 2010) [#8]
When there is an API change like this, you may need to do a full build of the module. But definitely you WILL need to do a full build of your application.

BlitzMax has some issues where it might not always refresh the interfaces at link time, and the binary ends up calling the wrong functions at runtime - or something like that.

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#9]
Did you recompiled CeGUI after latest Brucey update?

Of course :)
When there is an API change like this, you may need to do a full build of the module. But definitely you WILL need to do a full build of your application.

I fully rebuild my application but still get this EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
I may rebuild every modules later...

Brucey(Posted 2010) [#10]
I downloaded for Win32, and rebuilt the two modules and my app, and it ran fine...

Not to say something else hasn't changed somewhere, of course...

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#11]
OH !
Tortoise didn't show me that CEGUIopenGL.mod was updated !
With this update everything is working again :)

It's look like the last tweak from CE resolved the Alpha issue as well :)

I still cannot use notifyDisplaySizeChanged for some reasons.

Only 4 more bugs to adress (3 of them probably related to my looknfeel).
The speed problem is maybe related to my NVidia 7600 GS since 0.7.1 is a major internal change.
Things are decreasing :)

Brucey(Posted 2010) [#12]
You should be able to call notifyDisplaySizeChanged(). The code is there.
But what it is going to do when you call it...

Armitage 1982(Posted 2010) [#13]
It was intended to maybe fix a problem I have in regard to some windows as you can see here : (3mo small video).
I refresh fully rebuild and refresh again everything but I can't use it ^^

But well... If the new code don't like my graphic card there is no reason to slowdown with older one too.
So I have no choice but to forget about it for a moment.

I learn the hard way that you cannot always have the latest version of your favourite libraries :)