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Aussie(Posted 2010) [#1]
Gday all

Its been cold & wet where i am so i thought i would have an attempt at modeling a character. This is the first time i have done this & the model hasn't been textured or animated yet (Skills that need A LOT of work). Its supposed to be Samus from the Metroid series & was modeled in Blender, images are from screenshots from within Blitz3d.

Reference image.

Constructive criticism welcome.

GaryV(Posted 2010) [#2]
I really like it and think the "cartoony look" came out nicely. Really good IMHO for being your first attempt.

Nate the Great(Posted 2010) [#3]
way better than I have ever gotten on several 'first attempts'
texturing would add a little bit of depth to the flat shaded yellow parts but other than that it looks pretty good.

Aussie(Posted 2010) [#4]
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Here's a realy bad texturing job.

Kryzon(Posted 2010) [#5]
We all gotta start from somewhere. I liked the feet.

I'm very glad that you were keen with the polygon count, it's a good sign that you will do some cool stuff if you practice hard - some people forget that they're modelling for game engines and smooth the hell outta everything (not just making the model unusable but also not shaped so well).
We all have to remember that PSX models were great, and just had about 600 polys.

It's the shape that counts, not the polycount. (I made that up, credits go to me thank you very much).

_PJ_(Posted 2010) [#6]
I must admit I dont know the series or character at all, but I think this is extremely good. or a first attempt you've shown that you've worked from a concept 2D reference, modelled it to scale and with proprtions intact and in my opinion, going simply by the 2D imnage you have and the screenshot of the model, I'd say it is clearly recogniseable. Very well done.

As for the texturing, you've done a texture, it looks much better than without, and you seem to have a grasp of how the UV maps assign the image for the texture onto the 3D mesh, so again, you're doing great, with the basiscs you seem to have nailed down pretty well, I think it's safe to say you will improve on it rapidly and with quite some success too!

I know this for a fact because, I am the complete opposite :)
Even with the simplest of modelling apps I have trouble doing the most simple tasks, and as for texturing, - way beyond me. I must have attempted a 'firt attempt' about 30 times now without any luck whatsoever, so to see someone doing so well from scratch like this is a real incentive :)

Adding a little to what Kryzon says: A good texture can let you get a way with less polys too.

Aussie(Posted 2010) [#7]
Thanks guys.

I had intentionaly tried to keep the poly count low. In Blender the poy count came in at 712 & after export it came in at 1264 because all of the quads that made up the mesh were converted to tris on export.

"It's the shape that counts, not the polycount."
"A good texture can let you get a way with less polys too."

I just noticed this the other day. I was playing Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, on PS2 & was looking closely at the models during the cut scenes. It appeared that all of the finer details were done with the texturing job.