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BigH(Posted 2012) [#1]
When I go on youtube and also on paypal I get a message saying that it looks like I'm using an older browser and that I should update it. Youtube even tells me that it's going to stop supporting it shortly. But I'm using IE8 - so what's going on? Anyone else getting this problem?

D4NM4N(Posted 2012) [#2]
I don't bother with IE at all (except for testing).

I think there is a lot of developers who have taken it right up to the epiglottis with IE. I think many would like to make it legacy as soon as possible to prevent another IE6 scenario.
Where other browsers get updated and fixed, IE just seems to get fixed. IE8 already is well out of date with firefox, ie9 and chrome.

Here is another example i came across recently, although this is IE7:

Use chrome, opera or firefox etc... and be done with it :D

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ziggy(Posted 2012) [#3]
Be sure to not have the compatibility layer enabled, wich is the "broken paper" icon next to the refresh and stop button on the address bar of the browser. If it is checked, the browser identifies itself as Internet Explorer 7 and behaves like that. I had it enabled on YouTube and was seeing the same message. Anyway, Internet Explorer 8 is a bit off as it does not support HTML5, a move to Internet Explorer 9 is a very good idea as it is much faster on its rendering and it provides a JITted version of JavaScript.

(tu) ENAY(Posted 2012) [#4]
I don't understand this version number nonsense anyway. I mean, the last time I checked I had upgraded to firefox3. But now suddenly it is 13! When did that happen?
And as far as I'm aware it hasn't changed all that much. (at all) in 10 iterations.

ziggy(Posted 2012) [#5]
Chrome started to make absurd "major" versions every five minutes, so then Firefox followed the same logic in order to not look too old in comparison. So one stupid move was followed by another.

-=Darkheart=-(Posted 2012) [#6]
A quick and simple answer to your question: YES, IE 8 has been out of date for a while. I'm guessing you are using Windows XP so you can't update to IE9. It's part of Microsoft's drive to get people to update from XP whether they want to or not.

I used to prefer Firefox but they keep updating it every few weeks and this breaks all the plugins and it has got much more bloated these days. I tried Chrome but it was very buggy and kept crashing.

IE 9 is OK, although you will want to turn off 3D acceleration if you don't want it to keep crashing.

Sites are trying to get people to use more up to date browsers because maintaining sites for the old ones is a lot of work. Some people are even charging customers that won't update to a current browser to try to get them to get on with it.

I hope that answers your questions.

Wiebo(Posted 2012) [#7]
Chrome doesn't advertise the version numbers. It DOES get updated a lot though, which is good imho.

BigH(Posted 2012) [#8]
Thanks for all your help. I turned off the compatability mode and that solved the problem. IE9 isn't an option as I'm using XP but I don't see any point in upgrading as my ex-office Dell desktop which cost me 50 off ebay does everything we want even if it takes a bit longer - bit like me really!

ziggy(Posted 2012) [#9]
Chrome doesn't advertise the version numbers. It DOES get updated a lot though, which is good imho.
Of course it is, if they just followed any other developers standard and reserve major version number changes for major version changes, it would give the users a much clear view of how outdated a version is. I was just pointing this out.

Wiebo(Posted 2012) [#10]
Well, with auto update it's not really an issue. You always have the latest version :)

Hotcakes(Posted 2012) [#11]
You really should be using a better browser than the crap you're stuck with when using XP. Although instead of Chrome, I'd be recommending SRWare Iron (based off Chrome, except with all the privacy infringing rubbish stripped out).