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Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#1]
Hello everyone,
Please check out my project in progress called Chipmunk.

Chipmunk is a 3d gui environment mutlimedia player built using blitz3d that lets you play your music at different speed and can add realtime echo/flanger effects. It will also download images from the net of your mp3's stored on your hd and has a powerful search engine. Webcam function and voice changer integrated too. Check it out...

May be some bugs, please report, for this is still very much a work in progress but already looking good and fast....


Example image

Opinions welcome

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AdamStrange(Posted 2012) [#2]
wow - looks great

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#3]
Thanks, please check out. I know that for the moment that it will bug out on certain machines. I need to know if anything stops it from working on your machine, I need feedback from people so I can increase its compatibility...

Thanks for all and any help....

RemiD(Posted 2012) [#4]
This looks great.

Unfortunaltely i get a Memory access violation when i can see the gui with the several windows.

So what are you going to do to track the errors ? Does your program write infos on a debug file or something ?
I am curious, i may need this skill one day.

My computer specs :
Lenovo Thinkpad E325, DualCore AMD E-450 APU 1.65Ghz, 6 Go DDR3-1333, Radeon HD 6320 Graphics 384 mo, Windows 7 Home Premium

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Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#5]
Thanks RemiD for the complement, and even bigger thank for the bug report (I need these). I do have my own personal debug routine, but it is not yet fully implemented so not too strong. I just try and pinpoint errors 'by hand' mostly by looking around the code where people had errors/crashouts.

I'm aware that Chipmunk may crash out on a search whilst the program is scanning your hard drive and it may crash too once it has loaded the plugins. I am currently working on these bugs. Will release new version when can.

How does it run when it's running, by the way? hope it has a good framerate. The framerate will go up considerably too once your harddrive has been fully scanned for multimedia files.

For information the main code for Chipmunk is written using Blitz3d using many of it's commands. I have however had to customise it to make Chipmunk what it is, I have made around 100 of my own commands in c++ and added to blitz's user libs. I also use VLC, Bass, FreeImage, and escapi to get it up n running. Big code!!!

Still, I'm having fun despite bugs 'n stuff...

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BlitzSupport(Posted 2012) [#6]
I get a MAV while the windows are fading in.

I'd suggest releasing it in Debug mode while crashes are happening, as we should see better error messages that way.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#7]
Okay, I will work on that, it will help me pinpoint problems..

I have just updated the site and released another version of chipmunk with the vls plugins included since it seems that chipmunk has trouble downloading them itself.

Download this version and you'll be able to use video playback as well as audio and image....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#8]
Right everyone, I have now improved my little debug routine. A new debug version has now been uploaded to the site. Each time Chipmunk is run it will keep a logfile of what's going on (written to the root of your c: drive, filename being chipmunk_logfile.txt). If you have any problems with chipmunk, please send me your logfile or alternatively let me know what the last entry in the logfile was. This will help me check out where eventual bugs could be.

Big thanks in advance....

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Dabhand(Posted 2012) [#9]
Ploppy... Love the nickname! :)

Other than that, aye, nice idea and well executed! :)


Steve Elliott(Posted 2012) [#10]

Ploppy... Love the nickname! :)

Made me smile's a character from Black Adder lol.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#11]
Indeed, didn't think anyone would get that. I guess that there are more blackadder fans around than I give credit after all these years. Top show, still makes me laugh even though has been repeated many times on telly. Long live Edmond of adders black.

Steve Elliott(Posted 2012) [#12]
Son of ploppy? Haha...oh yes, huge fan.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#13]
Right ho,
New update available, is more stable a little less buggy - I recommend you download the version with plugins for the moment to benefit from the video pb functions Chipmunk has to offer. I have however disabled the webcam module for the mo (will come back) as some compatibility problems found.

Please note that you can now control the search criteria....

Enjoy.... more news soon....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#14]
Just uploaded a new version to site - now has a very nicely animated cloud effect to it... you'll love it - well you'll love it if you have a gfx card like I have. At the moment, the cloud routine will render the clouds with the same detail for any machine. In the next few days I'll improve it so that Chipmunk will automatically modify the cloud detail so not to slow down the amount of frames per second. I will also leave the option of being able to turn off those clouds.

Anyways, have a gander, looks good from where I am...

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#15]
Right, cloud routine has now been updated, the cloud coverage should auto regulate depending on the the machine that chipmunk is running on. Anything below 25fps and the clouds will not show, othersize the cloud detail will depend on fps.... later....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#16]
New update - Chipmunk will now keep track of any changes made to folders by other programs including windows.

Have started the configuration routines now, if you double click the middle mouse button, you will be sent directly to the config window (don't be scared!), double click it again to return to the main screen.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#17]
Webcam has now returned after a fine-tuning (yay).

You can now run Chipmunk in a re-sizable window, hit f12 (or use the config window within CM) to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#18]
Currently working on autocam functions. Camera will now reset if the user has moved camera away from all active windows for at least 5 seconds, that way the player won't get lost.

Also working of a cam feature that will move in/out/pan to encompass all active windows. This function is not working at 100% but what it does at the moment give you a good idea of how it will be. Looking very good...

Improved text and gadget detections....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#19]
Currently working on autocam functions. Camera will now reset if the user has moved camera away from all active windows for at least 5 seconds, that way the player won't get lost.

Also working of a cam feature that will move in/out/pan to encompass all active windows. This function is not working at 100% but what it does at the moment give you a good idea of how it will be. Looking very good...

Improved text and gadget detections....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#20]
Right, nice big update, have been working on video part recently, have significantly updated routines. Much faster playback than ever, and can play multiple videos at same time with no slowdown.

Have updated file associations too with windows.

Anyone read this subject in the forum? I feel rather alone here. I have done most of the comments here. Shame, I'd really love some input here from others, for I believe very strongly in my project - it really is becoming somthing (in my perhaps rather biased opinion). I'd love to see what others think.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#21]
Now possible to add sound effects directly onto video playback all in realtime, with pich changer too.

Everyone give me a big 'yay'!!!

Check it out...

Anyone there..??

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#22]
Right, you're probably going to be shocked to bits but, yes you guessed it, another update out now....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#23]
New update out, should sort out a few crash bits and be even more stable/fast...

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#24]
I don't give up, do I?

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#25]
Even if I am pretty much the only one on this thread....

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#26]
Talk about stubborn...

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#27]
Ah, come on - Chipmunk's cool.

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#28]
...I'll be your best friend...

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#29]
I'll tell everyone you're great 'n stuff...

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#30]
Hello all,
Right, I have again a new update - a nice one too. Please note the perspective in the windows, they now have depth (see snapshot), I dig this idea and it is totally in 3d, no sprites here. I still aim to improve this, I think i'll end up leaving to sides of the windows more opaque than the windows themselves, I'm kind of playing with the idea at the moment, but I like the road i'm taking with it. I have the thought that each window could look in shape a little like a an inidividual pad. I will eventually add collision detection 'tween windows too so if you move a window and it hits another it will move that other window too. A nice 'n sexy thought in progress. Am waiting for further inspiration but it'll come...

I have also improved even more the search engine, you can now filter in or out certain filetypes..

music files (such as mp3, wav, wmv, etc.)
text files (no use at the moment as you can see the file but can't read it - I will integrate a text reader soon)
image files (jpg, bmp, pcx, etc.)
video files (avi, mpg, mkv....)
3d model files (a work in progress, won't do much for the moment)
music module files (if you remember the amiga you'll know what I mean)

Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#31]
Hello all, I have just uploaded a video of chipmunk to youtube - it doesn't really do it justice because I have used public domain files as an example (to avoid copyright infringement of course) and I'm not very good at making a video at all.

But at least it'll give you an idea of what Chipmunk is like.

BTW, the video was grabbed using the software Fraps. Judging that fraps takes some processor time to grab a screen image and sound and then saving it in realtime, you can imagine that Chipmunk works even faster when Fraps isn't working. Believe me, it's no lagger.

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Dabhand(Posted 2012) [#32]
Looks canny.. Good job, but, I feel after watching the video this would be great as a tablet app rather then desktop! :)


Ploppy(Posted 2012) [#33]
I agree it has a very "Paddy" look to it, but I wanted to give that familiar feel to the pc too.

New version out now, has now it's own start button/start menu. Please note the animated 'dust' to bring the user's attention to the start button's existence. Also has a clock feature.

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#34]
Lots of new stuff, pay attention especially to the playlist window and the lighting effects on windows (can now have a shiny effect). Random playback integrated too and many bug tweaks.

Windowed mode now works correctly in detecting pointer position. F12 to toggle between window/fullscreen mode.

Video above a little out of date, although good, will upload new video soon. Update however is available as usual at

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#35]
Okay, am still working on it of course...

Have to share this with you, as new features are really cool. As usual, there are still many things I can add but still looking better and better. Chipmunk is able to do a heap of stuff already.

Anyway nuff said, the new features are that you can now put a video into fullscreen mode ("like any self-respecting media player", you may say). But the difference with Chipmunk is that you can zoom into and out of the image using the mouse wheel (really fast, check it out). Never been done b4 to my knowledge.

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#36]
New version out, more bugs corrected. Have integrated current newest version of bass. Work even better, sounds great with differing fx.

Camera works better when homing in on windows, video fullscreen will use up the whole screen now. Zooming into videos has also been improved.

Videos with multiple tracks now can be played with the audio and subtitle track of the user's choice.

Check it out, looks reaaaallllly good.. Let me know how fast it runs on your machine, would be good to know...

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#37]
New version, now with icons in the file explorer. Like in windows, the icons shown are dependant on their filetype. Soon will be using my technique to create own 3d desktop - this part coming soon (ish)...

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#38]
Right, new version out now - will automatically download and display lyrics to songs being played....

DevoMage(Posted 2013) [#39]
this looks awesome! do you have support to play dvd movies?

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#40]
Thanks for the feedback DevoMage - is really appreciated. Haven't had much up 'til now, so not easy to continue motivation for project but I persist.

Have integrated dvd playback into Chipmunk as asked. Just click on the dvd drive in the file explorer when a disc has been inserted. Controls are a bit crude for the moment, which I will improve. That is to say that you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate dvd menus (mouse won't yet work on menus) and keypad 'enter' sill select in menus. You can change chapters using the rew/ff icons. Hope you like...

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#41]
Have just added cd playback this morning. Just select your cd drive in the file explorer as with dvd's. Download new version as usual at

Am pretty happy with result too, as even the realtime fx work directly using cd playback without having to copy to hard drive first. Wasn't expecting as much success. Great stuff...

See you in the next update....

Ploppy(Posted 2013) [#42]
Have been working hard this weekend on CM. Have now included youtube. Has to be tried to be believed, type something in the search window of CM, a window will appear on youtube videos available on you tube relating to search criteria. Click on an item in the window's list and chipmunk will the display the corresponding youtube vid in it's interface. All realtime effects, as usual, are available to use on videos.

I haven't completely finished with the youtube routines, only the first twenty search results appear in the search results window for example. But the routines are completely operable.