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BugBin Link (locked) (sticky)skidracer1skidracer (2007)
Radio Button bug!SLotman7Midimaster (2016)
Array out of bounds! [win32]Brucey2skidracer (2016)
Code Archive issueBobysait7GW (2016)
Mysterious 'deactivate all' bug (Mac)Tricky2skidracer (2015)
MaxGUI bugJoshK5Tricky (2015)
MaxGUI Yosemite contstraints issueskidracer4Grisu (2014)
doesnt work on my linux mint 16 64 bityossi2TomToad (2014)
conflicting types for NSClearItemsMidimaster2skidracer (2014)
Flicker on ComboBoxMidimaster1Midimaster (2014)
[Windows] Checkbox affected by SetgadgettextcolorGrisu1Grisu (2013)
ListBox: ActiveGadget()=NULLMidimaster3Midimaster (2013)
TOOLBAR different numbering on different OsXMidimaster17GaryV (2013)
[Linux] SelectedGadgetitem and editable ComboboxGrisu1Grisu (2012)
Hidden window problem on LinuxScaremonger2Grisu (2012)
ProxyGadget memory leakJoshK1JoshK (2012)
Workaround for placing images in buttonsMarco A G Pinto2Takis76 (2012)
ScrollPanel - Win32degac6Trinosis (2012)
Main window goes behind all windows (V1.45 Win)Marco A G Pinto7Marco A G Pinto (2012)
Request File bugMarco A G Pinto4skidracer (2012)
A very easily reproducible and fatal error on OSXJoshK2JoshK (2012)
GadgetHidden() causes error with tabbersJoshK2JoshK (2012)
canvas graphics failing on deeply nested panels?skn35NoOdle (2012)
[Linux] Window sizes doesn't update after max.Matt Merkulov1Matt Merkulov (2012)
[OSX Lion] ComboBox always editableshinkiro11shinkiro1 (2011)
[OS X Lion] Toolbar issueFabriceW1FabriceW (2011)
FreeGadget errorMatt Merkulov2Matt Merkulov (2011)
wont run (locked)freedo1freedo (2011)
Crash with ReadBytes + length + Windows GUI OoKlin4skidracer (2011)
MacOS X - Textfield and SetGadgetSensitivitydegac1degac (2011)
FLTK MaxGUI: Listboxslider not hidden properlyGrisu4SebHoll (2010)
MaxGUI Mac OS X - ThreadsPhlox2SebHoll (2010)
FLTKMAXGUI - CreateMenu shortcuts case sensitiveMark Tiffany9SebHoll (2010)
ComboBox bugima7476SebHoll (2010)
Slider Disabled but re-enabled when SetSliderValuedegac2degac (2010)
EVENT_MOUSEUP awkward behaviorovermeeren3SebHoll (2010)
SetGadgetFilter doesn't work on textfields (locked)GfK1GfK (2010)
Interesting MaxGUI Gadget Text Behaviorovermeeren6overmeeren (2010)
[MaxGUI, Win32] COMBOBOX_EDITABLE invisibleGrisu7Grisu (2010)
[MaxGUI] Missing RemovePanelColor CommandSebHoll9skidracer (2010)
MaxGui - SetGadgetColor - MacOS (locked)degac1degac (2010)
Button, Color and Pixmap: not a great team!degac2degac (2010)
WindowMaximized always returns 0 (Linux)blackgecko2markcw (2010)
Hotkeys and key eventsJoshK6SebHoll (2009)
BMax 1.30 IDE BugQuickSilva13SebHoll (2009)
Dual Monitors and GadgetWidth(Desktop())...jsp5jsp (2009)
Bugged Editable ComboBox w/ Event-HooksUSNavyFish1USNavyFish (2009)
Canvas redraw event hook freezing windowAlexO11AlexO (2008)
FilterKey and FilterChar don't work on comboboxesMark Tiffany4SebHoll (2007)
fltkMaxGUI canvas bugChris C1Chris C (2007)
Hotkey on Windowmenutonyg1tonyg (2007)
CanvasGraphics fail on a Dual monitor settingSpace Fractal1Space Fractal (2006)